Hit The Target, Win $300,000

12 ივნ 2021-ში
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If they miss the shot, the prize goes up by $10,000
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The reason the title says $300,000 instead of $200,000 is because I didn’t want to spoil when the video ended! I didn’t want people to actually know what the last shot was haha


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  • bruh if that was me I would die and pass out

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  • Mr beast let your magic 🪄 enter my life too

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  • who knew mr beast was so good at trick shots

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  • Make a channel called “Beast Fails” and upload all the non uploaded videos and bloopers

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  • How can I be on a challenge

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  • MrBeast going god mode

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  • You only give money to the guys in ur own crew this makes no sense since they work with you is basically their own money!

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  • Come to India Karnataka Bangalore Vijaynagar haminager RPC layout pls come I have subscribed to all your channel

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  • The fact that he has a bodyguard is really weird I never thought about it

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  • He literally did every sport but hockey. Bruh

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  • Do you know what is better than a million dollars? Mr beast heart this comment is better than a million dollar❤️

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  • I love how karl basically won all of them , and got nothing 😂

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  • Mrbeast abuses so many baby dolls, I wouldn't be surprised if his next channel was "mr.beast abortions"

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  • I love how he just casually gives out $200,000.

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  • I was watching mrbeast while eating spaghetti so I see spaghetti 😅( just a joke)

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  • you fell off.

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  • Can I plz get the opportunity to do a challenge! I see you literally have changed millions of peoples lives and I’d love to be added to that list

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  • $88.000

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  • 10:52 PLAY IT IN SLOW-MODE (0.25x) RIGHT NOW. he didn’t win...

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